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2018 Wuhan International Fisheries Expo and Aquaculture Industry Exhibition opens successfully

POSTTIME : 2016-06-25

On the morning of October 13rd, 2018 WuHan International Fisheries Expo and Aquaculture Industry Exhibition hosted by Fisheries College, HAZU and China aquaculture net was held  successfully in Wuhan Keting. 12 experts from Shanghai Ocean University, Yangtze River Fisheries Research Institute, Huazhong Agriculture University and famous fishery companies delivered speeches about aquaculture industry. Wang Liang, Director of industry department, Hubei Aquatic Products Bureau; Peng Binhui, Executive Deputy Secretary General of China Fisheries Association and Zhang Shaodong, Party secretary of Fisheries College attended the ceremony. Professor Gu Zemao, Dean of Double Water and Double Green Research Institute, HAZU presided over the ceremony.

At the beginning, Zhang Shaodong noted that expo provided a platform consisting of  technological exchange, product trading and full display of modern fishery development for aquaculture practitioners to make good use of this platform to communicate information, exchange experience, display the latest scientific and technological achievements and products, contributing wisdom and strength to the healthy development of aquaculture. Later, Peng Binhui and Wang Liang congratulated on the smooth progress of this activity.

According to green development mode, Professor Gu delivered a speech named as ‘The Technique of raising Crayfish under Double Water and Double Green mode’. He introduced the characteristics of the crayfish, ‘the status of the species’, the traditional ‘human and nature’ breeding mode and the current popular ‘human and nature’ breeding mode of rice living with prawns. For large excess capacity of aquatic products and rice in China, to solve the problem of food and live, here comes the concept of ‘Double Water and Double Green’. From four perspectives (chemical pesticides fishery drugs less and less fertilizer, water-saving and drought, high quality and high yield), in the guarantee of crayfish and rice production at the same time, through ecological prevention and control to produce economic benefits, we finally achieve good quality and high yield products.

Professor Gu delivered a speech

Xu Jianfeng, from the fisheries protection branch of the China fisheries association, presented a report entitled ‘the situation of China's aquaculture protection industry’. Firstly, he introduced the development status of the aquatic animal protection industry, and then introduced the problems faced by the aquatic animal protection industry from these aspects (government, market, talent and research), and put forward corresponding countermeasures. Though aquaculture animal protection industry is a young industry, currently under the development trend of ecological breeding, its future development is full of challenges as well as opportunities. Finally, he showed the characteristics of China fishery association's dynamic protection branch to everyone, and emphasized the key work of the branch, pointing out that the dynamic protection branch would not only strive to protect the rights and interests of all members, but also actively explore the establishment of large amount of raw material procurement service platform.

Tan Qingsong, associate professor of fisheries college, HAZU, and Liang Yunxiang, professor of college of life science and technology, HAZU delivered speeches respectively named as ‘Grass carp growth and meat quality nutrition’ and ‘The application of biological fermentation in feed’, showing the importance of the feed nutrition and feed technology research, causing a burst of applause.

Zeng Lingbing, a researcher in Yangtze River Fisheries Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Aquaculture, delivered a report on ‘The future of aquatic diseases and aquaculture in China’. He firstly pointed out the main problems brought by high-density aquaculture to the water quality of the pond, then explained the current situation and disease problems of aquaculture in China with the latest data, putting forward his own thoughts on the existing problems of aquaculture in China. Zeng emphasized that aquaculture diseases not only cause economic losses, but also threaten human health and affect the stable development of rural society and economy. Although China's aquaculture industry faces great challenges, at the same time, aquaculture industry is the inevitable result of human society development, and its future development road is bound to be full of opportunities.

Signing ceremony

Wu Xugan, professor of Shanghai Ocean University, and He Xugang, professor of HAZU, delivered speeches ‘Based on nutrition regulation and breeding crabs industry to promote key technology research and application’ and ‘new mode innovation in zero emissions pond’ respectively, showing the development of aquaculture from different prospects, causing audience to think deeply.

So far, the opening ceremony of 2018 Wuhan International Fisheries Expo and Aquaculture Industry Exhibition had been successfully completed. Aquaculture industry exhibition launched in Wuhan Keting at the same time. It is reported that the aquaculture exhibition will last three days and more than 250 enterprises from all over the country participated in the exhibition, over 20,000 people visiting. The exhibition and the conference form a platform to interactive and support each other, providing a technology display, cooperation seeking, viewpoint sharing, profession comprehensive for exhibitors and visitors.

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