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Jingchu spring ploughing focuses on ‘Double Water and Double Green’

POSTTIME : 2016-06-25

In the season of spring plowing, rape flowers in the land of Jingchu blossomed. On March 22, in the supermarket of ShangHe agricultural professional cooperatives in ‘southern rice first county’ Jianli county, Hubei province, the farmers praised ‘green subsidy’ posted by the cooperative: If farmers choose socialized service and use organic rice, cooperative social prizes 0.1 yuan/catty and preference for rice. If farmers return straw to the field, every unit of area again prizes 10 yuan, with green fertilizer seed for free.

"It doesn't loss to give green subsidies to farmers. When the quality of rice is improved through green processing, the cooperative can also benefit. Ou Yangbin, chairman of the cooperative told reporters.

Huang Zhen, party committee secretary of Jianli said annual spring agricultural farming preparation is important and a batch of new agricultural management main body like Ou Yangbin should be fostered to realize the development of agricultural productive services. Through rice shrimp, ‘ratooning rice + green manure’, duck rice production, rice height patterns, we could lead the farmers to carry out the green plant, to ensure that the origin of green, green products, processing, packaging green and brand green.

Jingzhou, located in the hinterland of Jianghan plain, is built up for water and prospering for agriculture. In the new era, how to give play to the traditional advantage of ‘double water’ of rice and aquaculture in the land of fish and rice and introduce ‘double green’ agricultural products such as green rice and green aquaculture?

"It is an inevitable choice for Jingzhou to take on the responsibility of green." Yang Zhi, Jingzhou municipal party committee secretary, said recently, the Hubei provincial government coalition member of Huazhong Agricultural University experts, put forward to promote the ‘double water, double green’ farming system, Jingzhou will grasp ‘double water, double green’ as creating rural of Jianghan plain revitalization of the demonstration area of industry. We need to make characteristics bigger and stronger, through the ‘double water, double green’ the industrial chain, to drive partnership enterprises build base, let small farmers and modern agricultural organic link, for the continuous increase in rural incomes solid foundation.

He Yuqing and Cao Cougui, professor of HAZU, promoted the ‘double water, double green’ farming system is one of important gripper makes the ‘rice shrimp together’ as the upgrade version, from rice shrimp breeding, cultivation new applications such as prevention and control of green technology, creating new standards such as farming environment, creating advantage origin green brand, etc, to carry out research and development, promotion, demonstration, improving the quality of green rice products and making the economic benefits of rice, so crayfish can be greatly increased.

‘Rice shrimp together’ is a complete green ecological closed-loop in the field. Gu Zemao, a professor of fisheries college HAZU, said that farmers raising crayfish in rice paddies will voluntarily reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides due to their higher economic value. Crayfish can also provide fertilizer for the growth of rice and dispose of straw to solve the problem of crop burning environmental protection. It is suggested to establish ‘double water and double green’ industrial alliance, attach importance to relevant personnel technology training, and implement the integrated development of production, education and research.

Xiao Fuqing, director of the agricultural department of Hubei province, said ‘The development of mutually beneficial green rice and green aquaculture industries is an important project to launch the high-quality development of Hubei's 'three rural areas', which is of great significance.’ We should focus on industrial prosperity, focus on the industrial system, increasing production, revenue, efficiency and green, to strengthen the transformation and integration of ‘agriculture, rural areas and farmers’, especially agricultural scientific and technological innovation.

Jingzhou has 2.34 million units of paddy fields to carry out the integrated farming. The area in the province leads crayfish production accounted for about 25% of the country, which is suitable for areas such as ‘double water, double green’, the launch of cultivated and promotion system. Jianli as first try demonstration centers aims at full coverage for two years, three years of double benefit. From March 19 to 20, Zhou Xianwang, vice governor of Hubei province, was in charge of the work of ‘three rural areas’. He went to the first station in the countryside to investigate the spring tillage in Jianli county and Shishou city of Jingzhou, and held the symposium of ‘double water, double green’ to listen to the opinions of farmers' professional cooperatives, large families of planting and breeding, experts and professors, and grassroots cadres. Zhou Xianwang said that Hubei innovation management system promoted the ‘double water, double green’ relying to a complete industry alliance and large-scale business model, outstanding planning guide, enlarge, big green rice, green aquaculture, deepening the research institutes and local cooperation, optimizing farming system, speeding up the research and development of varieties, to promote mass transfer efficiency, promote the rural revitalization.


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